Employment pathways

Physical Wellbeing

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  • Yoga/gym/Hapkido

  • Swimming/beach walking/bike riding

  • Healthy eating from the garden to the table – planting and maintaining vege gardens


Emotional Wellbeing

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  • Therapeutic group work

  • Case management

  • External counselling and group work


Spiritual Wellbeing

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  • Creative arts program

  • Craft and self expression

  • Meditation and reflective awareness

  • Mindsets and behaviours


Community Programs

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  • Liberation Larder

  • Community¬†facilities

  • The Farm


SHIFT Enterprises: pathways to employment

The programs run at SHIFT develop through a series of stages. Beginning with simply learning the basic ‘how to’ skills and moving into developing capability suitable to build social enterprise opportunities. Our ability to move through these stages is backed by skilled volunteer teachers and seed grants received to purchase materials. Skills learnt by the participants becomes their pathways to employment. Each enterprise pathway is self-sufficient and we are working towards building a return on investment. Any monies received from these ventures sustain our program and provide the women with a small financial return.

[cover_boxes active_element=”SHIFT Kitchen” title1=”SHIFT Kitchen” text1=”This program is run in modules where professional chefs host cooking classes in a local commercial kitchen. The classes include food preparation, health and hygiene in the kitchen, along with menu selection and presentation. We are able to cater for select events.” target1=”_self” title2=”SHIFT Stitches” text2=”Generously supported by a local CWA, our professional sewing teacher’s weekly classes teach the women the basics of machine care through to being able to repair their own clothes. This means we can take orders for simple garments such as aprons & cushions etc.” target2=”_self” title3=”SHIFT Angels” text3=”By working alongside professional cleaners, the women have mastered the skill of general cleaning. The end result means we can offer our services to local community groups, providing regular cleaning of commercial facilities.” target3=”_self” title_color1=”#50bee6″ text_color1=”#41525d” image1=”18497″ image2=”18398″ title_color2=”#50bee6″ text_color2=”#41525d” title_color3=”#50bee6″ text_color3=”#41525d” image3=”18396″]
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