Program Overview

Our program has proven highly effective in supporting residents to re-establish life skills, confidence and independence by providing environments that foster social interaction and relationships.

We successfully run a selection of courses, classes and workshops which work to empower our women with the motivation, knowledge, practical and life skills to be both self sufficient and connected with our community.

We have a focused approach to education. The core program has a holistic approach that includes emotional and physical wellbeing. We explore living skills, health and wellbeing with nutrition and cooking classes, physical activity and relaxation strategies.

With the encouragement and support of the local community, participants contribute to a variety of local initiatives, which broadens their practical skills and assists in learning independence and sustainable living. The aim is to provide the experience of being valued by others and in turn learning to value themselves.

These initiatives change seasonally, depending on the need from the community.

“Even though I am no longer a resident, I still have support and structure from being a part of the program. It gives me confidence. There are many things I don’t feel I can do, they are too challenging, but with the structure of SHIFT behind me, it gives me support to explore life’s possibilities.”

Holistic Wellbeing

Creating a healthy lifestyle is inclusive of mind, body and spirit.

We have a selection of activities we participate in ranging from the garden to the table in healthy eating, and physical endeavours such as yoga, gym, Hapkido, beach walking, bike riding, gardening etc.

Anne Goslett with Aboriginal women and child at Uluru
Community Participation

Just as the community supports SHIFT, we want to support our community. Participants engage in reciprocity within the community on a weekly basis – whether it’s making meals for others with the Liberation Larder, pulling up weeds at The Farm, or cleaning local community halls, these activities allow us to foster social inclusion.

Personal Development

Each participant is encouraged to explore their own personal journey, discovering the mindsets that shape their lives and how choice supports change. It is the disconnection from oneself and other that underlies issues of homelessness. The practice of building and maintaining relationships is a foundation principle of The SHIFT Project.

Employment Programs
Pathways to Employment

Our education program is designed for participants to develop their personal skills and mindsets. As their confidence and knowledge grows these skills can be ulitised as a pathway to employment. The experience gained from our community participation has established a connection within the local business sector. These relationships foster employment opportunities.

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