the program


Our program is highly effective in supporting residents to re-establish life skills, confidence and independence by providing environments that foster social interaction and relationships.

Through our courses, classes and workshops we empower our women with the motivation, knowledge, practical and life skills to be both self sufficient, financially stable and connected with our community.

Much of our success is due to the individually tailored support and education provided, we do not believe in a one solution fits all approach.

The core education program follows a holistic approach that includes emotional and physical wellbeing.

Participants explore living skills, health and wellbeing with nutrition and cooking classes, physical activity, resilience, relaxation strategies and financial literacy.

Our local community plays a key role in changing our women’s lives.

Participants contribute to a variety of local initiatives, both businesses and charities which broadens their practical skills and assists in learning independence and sustainable living.

By being valued by others they in turn learn to value themselves.