The SHIFT Project Byron | Art Program
Founded in Byron Bay, The SHIFT Project Byron is a short-term, live-in, educational transition program for women who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.
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Art Program

Holistic Wellbeing
About This Project

Helping people find their creativity through art medium.

The Art program has run since March 2015 and provides an opportunity to engage with a variety of art modalities as a means of personal expression. Paula Bannan has provided ongoing Art Therapy Work, Asuka Hara and Eliza Sumac have generously facilitated an Art Therapy Short Course, and Carole Coffee has facilitated our ceramics program.

Art therapy develops confidence and an outlet for often unexpressed emotions and participants are encouraged to talk about what they’ve created and what the experience meant to them.


“The women have been enthusiastic participants and have produced some beautiful art work. Some of the residents have a background in visual art and have been able to share their knowledge to create interesting, lively conversations and paintings. It’s a pleasure to work at the house. It’s a peaceful, meditative space and I love the way even those who say they “don’t have an artist’s bone in my body” are able to produce an artwork they feel proud of.” Paula Bannan, Art Therapy