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April 2019 Newsletter

Welcome to Autumn…as the rain finally comes, we are gearing up for an amazing year ahead. Lots has happened since our last newsletter, fundraising through IWD and further work on our Social Enterprise is bringing us closer to making it a reality.

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September 2018 Newsletter

With Spring in the air, there is such a feeling of ‘possibilities’ swirling around our Home. One resident has completed study in Child Care. Another resident is spending time with her children and another has just re-settled herself in private accommodation…and the possibilities continue.

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Year Review 2017-2018

With three years now under our belt, we would like to share with you that of the thirty two women who have graduated from our program since its inception in 2015, ninety eight per cent have remained living sustainably within the community, with casual or part-time work.

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December 2017 Newsletter

As 2017 draws to a close, I wanted to take this time to say thank you. This Project is successful due to the people involved, who generously give their time, passion and funds to ensure the great work continues. As we build this community of empowerment, we all keep learning and growing and for that, we are grateful.

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Year Review 2016-17 Newsletter

When establishing The SHIFT Project, one of our intentions was to encourage the women to build a network for their future. Now, two years in, we can see this emerging. Those women who have completed the program and now live independently in the community often mentor the current residents.

Find out more about this plus lots more that’s happened for The SHIFT Project Byron over the past year.

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Autumn 2017 Newsletter

The Project has continued to grow and develop a stable presence in our local community. We were recently profiled by a national magazine where one of our participants had the opportunity to tell her story and how working with SHIFT has supported her in her successful integration to community. Read about this and lots more in our latest newsletter.

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Summer 2016 Newsletter

The SHIFT Project goes from strength to strength. In November the Billinudgel Hotel held a fundraising event for us, participants are learning about maintaining a commercial garden plus a new website will be launching in March 2017.

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Spring 2016 Newsletter

This newsletter highlights current programs the SHIFT ladies are involved in and some of the great successes the women have experienced.

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