‘laundry with a conscience’

is a five-star laundry service that provides:

On the outside, Linen SHIFT provides a high-quality laundry service to local 5-star boutique hotels. On the inside, Linen SHIFT provides training, experience and upskilling in a safe space that allows employees to be themselves whilst establishing relationships and a sense of community.

Employing & supporting local women since march 2020

This includes women experiencing homelessness and mental ill-health, at-risk older women and single mothers. We provide one of the few supported employment opportunities for women.

More than employment

You can tell from the laughter and the singing voices heard amongst the washing spins, that Linen SHIFT, ‘laundry with a conscience’, provides more than an employment opportunity. It’s a safe space for our employees to be themselves and learn self-regulation. It is a safe space for our employees to grow, nurture and acquire new skills and possibilities. It is a safe space with a strong sense of community, full of opportunity.


We service boutique 5 star hotel/airbnbs. If you would like to elevate your accommodation with meaning, please get in touch and find out how our washing positively contributes to the local community. Email us at or call 0422 368 993.


We attribute the success of Linen SHIFT, laundry with a conscience, to the support and generosity of the community. As a charity, we are completely independently funded and rely on the community to help us break the cycle of womens homelessness.