Graduates Embark on Their New Lives

Due to the individually tailored support and flexibility of SHIFT, during 2019-2020 we extended our service to include the children and extended families of two ongoing participants. Here is a little more about their journeys.

At Christmas time, we farewelled B and her two children from the SHIFT house who have moved to their own rental property in the Shire. During her time with SHIFT, we have watched B develop and flourish as a woman, as a mother and as a leader. B regularly volunteered with community groups, such as the Liberation Larder and The Farm, and became a primary mentor to women entering our program. She has become financially independent, including purchasing her own car. She has worked consistently for a number of local businesses and displays a work ethic and leadership capacity that has been an example to us all.

B is moving into the role of Team Leader at The Linen SHIFT when we launch our commercial site in March 2020. She brings a wealth of experience with her, having played a lead role in our in-house service.

In the new year, M secured her own rental property in Lismore and has relocated with her three children. She has moved back to her hometown, reconnecting with family, friends and work colleagues. Since entering the SHIFT program in April 2019, we have had the privilege of walking alongside M on her journey of immense growth and achievement.

She has gained local hospitality employment, quickly working her way up to a supervisory position. She has given back to our community, volunteering her time to support local charities and within the SHIFT programs.

M will continue to be involved in the employment programs offered via the SHIFT project. She will have a key role in our hospitality training initiative, recently receiving some seed funding from Southern Cross Credit Union. We are going to miss her can-do, calm attitude in the SHIFT house and look forward to seeing her continued growth, as she begins this new phase of her life as a SHIFT graduate and mentor to future participants.

We are so proud and honoured to have been able to work with all our residents are they find their way back into the community with confidence and courage.