Changing minds, Changing Lives by Moyra

Homelessness is never a choice it’s an involuntary, unintended circumstance that we, the homed, are currently blessed not to have forced on us.

Together, we can change lives for the better.

As a homeless woman you may be lucky enough to be able to live in your car, yes I know, I said lucky. You have a place of shelter from the elements and from people showing their worst side to someone who is vulnerable and misunderstood.

As a homeless woman living in a car you still have no address, no access to shower or toilet, how can you get employment if you can’t keep clean or have an address? You still have to find funds to pay for food, fuel and rego you also have to find places where you can park for free in areas that are safe.

It’s an endless cycle that is only too easy to fall into, how many pay slips are any of us away from not being able to pay rent and bills? If you have to leave an abusive relationship you may only have your car and the clothes you’re wearing, fear means you can’t ask for help, you don’t want to be seen or found.

It’s not long before you are without hope, what may have started as feeling empowered from escaping your situation soon turns to despair, you can’t find work, you don’t feel safe, you’re moved on, you’re not welcome anywhere.

Do you return to the one place that was home that will lead to your harm? When you can’t pay for fuel, your car stays put, then towed away, you’re on the streets with even less than you started with.