What, Who, Why & How


The SHIFT Project Byron Inc. is a short-term, educational transition program for women who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

The program offers a 12-week, live-in residential program, supported by weekly educational classes and workshops. These educational sessions are designed to support participants to reintegrate into the community, moving from homelessness to self-sufficiency.

“The SHIFT Project offers a stepping stone for participants  to recognise their own potential, and provides the support for them to begin to shape their future”

Anne Goslett

“Prior to being accepted into SHIFT I had no place to call home and was in desperate need to rebuild my life.

SHIFT has given me the opportunity to feel self-empowered and you are definitely not a number, which is how I have felt in other programs. Forever grateful,” Rachael


The project is designed for women over the age of 25 who have been dealing with challenging circumstances and find themselves at a loss in their lives. This can result in homelessness and disconnection from the wider community.


“In welfare, we see the same people returning time and time again,” Anne Goslett says, “and whilst it is important to ensure that they are adequately supported at the time of need, very little support seems to be on offer to provide the opportunity to shift their repetitive cycles and the way in which they experience life long-term.

“SHIFT is designed to facilitate the transition and ultimately support people to shift how they make choices in their lives for a sustainable future.”


Recent studies in neuropsychology show the capacity the brain has to change and restructure life long patterns. Our programs are designed to have participants working together, building relationships and exploring their habitual behaviours. They have the opportunity to build awareness on what supports them and what hinders their wellbeing.

The project offers a number of opportunities to be involved as a participant;

  • As an external participant by accessing education and volunteer components of the program with a view to becoming a resident.
  • As a resident living in our supported accommodation and committing to participate in all levels of the program.
  • As a graduate who has transitioned into the community and wishes to stay engaged with SHIFT and mentor new participants.
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