Disrupting the cycle of womens homelessness

The SHIFT Project Byron Inc. is an educational transition program for women who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. SHIFT supports women experiencing disadvantage to reintegrate into the community, moving away from vulnerability and towards self-worth and self-sufficiency.

SHIFT’s program fulfils a crucial unmet need for women experiencing homelessness, not only housing the women but recognising that employment and financial wellbeing are critical to moving permanently out of disadvantage and connecting back into community.

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The SHIFT Project Byron Bay. Women sitting reading a book.
Established in 2015

The SHIFT Project Byron started as writing in the sand. Co-founders Anne Goslett and Julie Wells were walking along the beach discussing the gaps in housing options for women when the idea came. Homelessness is more than a lack of accommodation, it can be fuelled by a sense of isolation and disconnection from self, community and family. An Education Program could be made to address this! It was here that Anne traced SHIFT into the sand. Sustainable, Holistic, Integrative, Focused and Transition. They talked about a model that helps women shift from disconnection to reconnection. Written in sand and washed away by the sea, the idea grew with the passion of Anne and Julie and soon it turned into an education program nurtured by the hearts of the community.

We Are:
Non-Government Funded

Being non-government funded allows The SHIFT Project toprovide a unique, tailored program to each participant. We take a holistic and person-centric approach. This means that we grow, evolve and shift with our community as well as with our participants’ unique needs and journeys.

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An Education Program

Our programs encourage confidence, independence and the re-establishment of life skills by creating environments that foster social interaction, relationship and workplace professionalism.

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An Employment Pathway

We started the Linen SHIFT ‘laundry with a conscience’ in order to provide more than accommodation, we wanted to offer women employment to help them on their path to independence. The Linen SHIFT is a five-star laundry service that provides training, experience and upskilling in a safe space for women. We provide one of the few supported employment opportunities for women in The Northern Rivers.

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Not Crisis Accommodation

We are the next step, we focus on supporting women to re-find their feet once their immediate crisis has passed. Our goal is to fill the gap in services and break the cycle of homelessness by providing a holistic educational program, featuring wellbeing, employment, financial and residential assistance.

Our Vision

To disrupt the cycle of womens homelessness.

Our Mission

To provide unique individual support and education for at risk women in a safe environment.

By fostering emotional and physical wellbeing we empower our women to regain their lives, reconnect with community and achieve their full potential.

Our Values
Self Awareness

Learning that I have an impact on the world and the world has an impact on me.


Practicing having focussed attention and achieving a desired outcome. Transforming a promise to reality.


Being honest and open with myself and in my relationships.


Developing a practice of self respect and learning to respect others without judgement.


Building reciprocal connections with self and within community.

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Financial donations are critical to our survival. Whether regular small amounts or one off donations, they all make a difference. As a registered charity your donation is 100% tax deductible.